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Video Of Patriotic Singer Goes Viral

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A video of a man singing "God Bless America" at a North Carolina Wal-Mart is making its way around social media.

Barbie Clancy from Wilmington, North Carolina, recorded a man who burst into song near the checkout at the Monkey Junction Walmart on May 28, according to WWA. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“I couldn't help but clap at the end!!!” wrote Jennifer Zorrilla. “Awesome!!”

A few days earlier, a video was recorded of the same man sang several songs to a group of children who were on a field trip

“The sweetest old man singing to the kids at lunch today at Golden Corral,” wrote Amy Aikman Albertson, who posted the video.

“He came into Cracker Barrel yesterday and sang,” wrote Lindsey Frazier on the WWAY Facebook page. “Very nice gentleman and beautiful voice.”

“We saw him at the American Legion family day yesterday,” wrote Meghan Richmond. “He has an amazing voice.”

According to various comments on the Barbie Clancy and the WWAY News Facebook pages the man’s name is Raymond D. Greene. His business card states that he provides "Brief entertainment for Special Occasions, Advertisements, [etc.]," and that his specialty is patriotic songs, as posted in a comment by Elaine Parker Aikman, the mother of Amy Aikman Albertson.

The singer has been seen at several stores, restaurants, and establishments throughout the area.

"This guy is amazing!" wrote Cynthia Lee Zappolo. "He comes into my job and sings as well!!! We all love him!"

"This was the same man that I was honored to hear singing in the Dollar Store during the holidays!" said Alexandra Harper. "Love him!!!"

"Saw him at Harris Teeter - long leaf mall- such a nice surprise," wrote Kelly Hill Blanchard. 

"Same guy in Costco a while back," wrote Laura Von Peedles.

Although it is unknown whether the increased sightings of this man are due to the Memorial Day weekend, the patriotic singer appears to be greatly appreciated when he makes an appearance throughout his local community.

"Thank you for posting this if not to appreciate his ability to share his awesome voice, his love for his country, then for all of the Americans that need some positive, feel good news," wrote Denise McLean Krulac.

Sources: WWAY, Barbie Clancy/Facebook, Amy Aikman Albertson, WWAY/Facebook / Photo credit: WWAY

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