Sonic Employee Attacked After Paying For Customer's Meal


A Sonic employee in Oklahoma City was attacked and robbed by a customer after she did a good deed.

According to employee Victoria Lawson, the fast-food drive-in spot was about to close on April 11 when a customer, later identified as 28-year-old Briana Lee, arrived and ordered a meal.

When Lawson brought Lee the food and ran her credit card, it was declined. But Lawson decided to do a good deed and pay for Lee's food.

"I pay for someone's food every day," Lawson told KFOR. "I know what it was like to have nothing."

The two women spoke briefly, and Lee gave Lawson a small tip to show her gratitude. But then Lee asked for napkins. When Lawson handed them over, that's when Lee turned violent.

"I went and handed her her napkins and, when I did, she grabbed me really fast, and her hands were pressed on my cheeks, squeezing them in, and her fingers were digging in my eyes, and I started trying to scream and cry, and I couldn't," Lawson said.

Lawson said Lee slammed her head against the Sonic menu.

"She grabbed my hair and slammed me into the stall, and I fell, and she just kept beating me, kicking me and hitting me," Lawson told KOKH.

Lee grabbed Lawson's apron, which contained about $150 in cash, and sped away.

Lawson was rushed to the hospital. She's recovering from her physical injuries, but still harbors fear.

"I just want to know why me?" Lawson asked. "Now I'm afraid to sleep because I feel her touch, and I don't see how somebody can be so mean to just hurt somebody."

Lee was later arrested by police. According to KFOR, police said she used some of the stolen money to buy groceries.

Sources: KFOR, KOKH / Photo credit: Belinda Hankins Miller/Wikipedia

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