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Man Stabs His Partner's Dog To Death In Front Of Children

Randy Capehart flew to Texas for his grandmother’s funeral and left his dog, a Chihuahua named Buddy, in the care of his partner of 13 years, José Luis Rodriguez. However, while Capehart was away from his Upper East Side apartment in New York City, the couple fought and Rodriguez allegedly stabbed Buddy to death in a park, in front of children.

When the stabbing occurred on Feb. 20, Capehart was woken up by calls from police informing him that his four-legged friend had been killed. Rodriguez was still covered in the dog’s blood when police arrived to the gruesome scene in New York.

“Apparently, my former partner had a psychotic break,” Capehart told the New York Post.

Capehart, an adult film star who also goes by the name Vin Nolan, wrote on his Twitter account that the day of the incident was “by far.. the worst day of my life.” He later tweeted a photo of the New York Post’s print story on Buddy’s demise and captioned it, “I couldn't save you my precious angel but you saved me thank you for all [t]he love.”

According to an online fundraiser created by Joey Susbilla, who referred to Capehart as a “homie,” Capehart’s home was also ransacked on the day Buddy was killed, although it’s not immediately clear if it is connected to the dog’s death.

“This is all very devastating,” Susbilla wrote, explaining that all of the money would go to Capehart’s upcoming legal expenses. 

“Buddy was an awesome dog and knew he was loved,” wrote donator Tina Rankin, who watches Capehart on Periscope, a mobile live-streaming service that Capehart uses to show his followers a sneak peek into his life. “You have brightened our days and helped us just by your scopes and your big heart, so it is our turn to try to put some light into your darkened time."

Rodriguez has been charged with criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon, both of which are felonies. 

Sources: New York Post, Vin Nolan/Twitter, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Vin Nolan/Twitter

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