Cop Disciplined After Suspect Uploads Video From Jail Cell


Officer John Grygorcewicz was reportedly escorting 29-year-old Terrence Sheard to a New York City jail on Jan. 18 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend when Sheard asked to use his confiscated cellphone. 

Although it was prohibited, Grygorcewicz gave Sheard his phone and Sheard then used it to make a nearly minute-long video ranting about his arrest, which he posted on Facebook, New York Daily News reported.

Sheard, who goes by the nickname “Krime Balla” posted on Facebook “B---- got me in jail over a phone,” but it appears the video has been removed or cannot be viewed by the public.

Police found out about Grygorcewicz’s conduct when Sheard’s mother called the police precinct to ask about her son’s whereabouts.

Unnamed officials said Grygorcewicz was disciplined and may lose vacation days. Sheard says he feels bad for involving the officer. “I didn’t do this to hurt him,” he said.

“I wanted people to know that she got me arrested for bulls---,” he said. “I put up the video to show that, look what she did. It wasn’t to blame the police.” 

Sheard says he wasn’t mistreated by the police and a fellow officer called Grygorcewicz “a good cop.”

“He tried to be nice to the perp,” the unnamed offer said.

Sources: New York Daily News, Terrence Sheard/Facebook / Photo credit: via NY Daily News

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