Police Find Minivan Containing 300 Pounds Of Pot


Rhode Island police arrested a Pennsylvania man they say was driving with 317 pounds of marijuana in his minivan on April 19.

Officials initially stopped Jian Zhi Li, 44, near Warwick for lane violations before the smell of marijuana led to the discovery, WPRI reports.

Li now faces charges of possessing more than 5 kilograms of marijuana with intent to deliver and manufacture. He will be held in jail without bail until his hearing on May 3. If convicted he could face life in prison and a $1 million fine.

It’s just one of many drugs busts in April capturing national attention.

Federal authorities announced they believe they’ve stumbled upon the longest drug-smuggling tunnel to have been found below the U.S.-Mexico line in California, an April 20 Office of The United States Attorney Southern District of California press release reveals.

Its estimated length is equivalent to the length of more than eight football fields and is one of the narrowest tunnels officials have found to date. It is well equipped, with rail and ventilation systems and an elevator. 

Officials seized more than 14,000 pounds of marijuana and 2,242 pounds of cocaine, worth millions, making it the largest cocaine seizure associated with a tunnel along the California-Mexico border.

Police say they arrested six people connected to the tunnel.

“On the surface, few would ever suspect that traffickers were moving multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana worth tens of millions of dollars in such an unassuming way, through this rabbit hole in the ground, in full view of the world around it,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “However, we can thank the hyper-vigilant agents who work this area for seeing what many of us would have missed. They don't judge a book by its cover. Whether a grandiose super tunnel or a humble rabbit hole, they home in and are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to secure our border.”

Sources: WPRI, Office of The United States Attorney Southern District of California / Photo credit: Rhode Island State Police via NJ.com 

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