Man Drives 6 Miles With Wife On Roof Of His Car (Video)


A Florida man drove 6 miles with his wife sitting on the roof of his SUV (video below).

Richard Addy, 69, was pulled over by police on March 22 in Stuart, Florida, after the officer noticed “a female riding on top of a vehicle as the vehicle came to a stop,” according to TCPalm.

Addy explained to the officer that he and his wife got into an argument after drinks at a resort. They were staying at the resort while work was being done to their nearby home. After the altercation, Addy left -- but didn't know his wife was sitting on top of his SUV when he left the parking lot.

“Addy stated at the first traffic light after the Sewall’s Point bridge, he heard her banging on the roof and realized that she was there,” a report states.

But Addy kept driving. His excuse was that he didn't have a phone to call police, so he decided to drive to the police.

“Addy stated that he drove to the Martin County courthouse in the hopes of finding police presence,” the report states.

No police officers were at the courthouse, but an officer eventually found Addy and his rooftop wife.

“[The officer] observed the female -- she was sitting Indian-style on top of the SUV. Her hands were secured by racks that were on the roof of the vehicle and he found that to be a little bit odd, so of course he conducted a traffic stop,” said Cpl. Brian Bossio of the Stuart Police Department, according to WPBF.

Addy was arrested for reckless driving and given a citation for permitting a passenger to ride on the outside of the vehicle.

“I've been doing this job for over 20 years and I've never seen that before,” Bossio said. “We've seen some strange things in police work, but that would be a first for me, and especially for the officer who observed it.”

Sources: WPBF/YouTube, TCPalm / Photo credit: WPBF/YouTube

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