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Apartment Owner Finds Something Shocking In Garage

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A lawyer in West Hollywood, California, was shocked when a client told him about a car sitting in a garage at the apartment complex he owned for decades.

It wasn't just any car, however -- it was a Ferrari 250 GT PF.

The lawyer, who bought the car from his client, explained to Petrolicious how he came across the car in the first place.

"I came across this car through a client of mine," the lawyer said. "I had heard rumors that there was a vehicle in an apartment building that he owned, but I never saw it. He was very closed lipped about it. He never wanted to say much until recently. Once he came to retirement age, he started selling things in preparation of moving out of state."

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"I kind of kept badgering him about it, and eventually, he let me see the car," he added. "I didn’t believe it when I saw it. It was literally inside a one-bedroom unit of an apartment building in Hollywood."

The lawyer also detailed how his client and the apartment complex owner obtained the car and how it ended up at his apartments.

He is the second owner. He assembled a five-inch binder full of documents; the car is very well documented. It looks like, according to this binder, the car started assemblage in October of ‘59 and finished December ‘59.

It was sold new in California to John von Neumann. Then the gentleman that I purchased it from was the second owner, who bought it on July 29 of 1975. I gathered that he enjoyed the car for probably eight years or so, into the early 80s. From the records, it seems like he started to restore the vehicle. At that point, he actually had the engine completely redone by Briggs Cunningham’s shop. I don’t know why exactly, but he told me that Hollywood was a rough area of town, so he wanted to store it away somewhere safe.

He decided the best place to put it was to cut open a wall in one of the apartment buildings he owned and park it inside, completely intact, and seal it back so nobody could tell anything was in there. That’s where it’s been since around 1985.

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The amazing, rare find is one of many stories of classic cars found over the years in the oddest places.

In a similar story, a clean up crew found a vintage car from the 1940s next to an old gas station during a blight removal in Flint, Michigan.

"We was ripping the front of the building apart and getting ready to redo it," blight remover Gregory Harmon told WNEM. "We wanted to cut down some trees in the back here and we stumbled across this 1946 Chevrolet."

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