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Cat Miraculously Returns Home After Torture

A San Jose, California, cat and his family reunited after someone lured the cat away from his home and tortured him on Feb. 6.

The 2-year-old cat, Banks, struggles to move now, is tube-fed regularly, and will be in recovery for the next six months, KABC reports.

“He stumbled home up the back deck with a broken jaw, puncture wound in his back and a golf ball size lump on his chest,”  wrote the cat’s owner Corissa Hulick on a GoFundMe page she created to pay for the cat’s medical bills.

“The vet said that this is the worst case he had seen in over 15 years,” she added.

The vet thinks his torturer may have struck him with a baseball bat. The cat was gone for 24 hours and then returned home.

"I'm grateful he was able to come home, but I can't imagine the hours spent in so much pain," Hulick said. "He's someone's cat. I don't understand how someone can do this to a person's animal." 

Hulick will be seeking police assistance in finding the cat’s torturer.

Many were outraged by what happened to the cat.

So far Hulick has received $4,820 from the GoFundMe page, exceeding the original $3,500.

“I am so sorry to hear about Banks,” Jill Kendrick -- who donates $25 -- said, and added, “ I am donating in memory of my kitty who was also named Banks. He died a few years ago at the young age of 6 yrs old of heart failure. All my best to you and Banks for a speedy recovery.”

Also in San Jose, California, Robert Farmer faces multiple charges for allegedly kidnapping, beating and killing kittens and cats.

Concerned citizens have set up a petition to ensure justice is served.

“[Farmer] has a high-priced lawyer who has already delayed the case and will work hard to get him off with little or no punishment for these heinous acts, the petition reads.

“Public pressure keeps this case in the spotlight and helps us make sure our furry family members get justice. Sign this petition to help us keep the spotlight on this criminal until he is convicted and locked away so we can keep all of our four-legged family members safe.”

Sources: KABC, GoFundMe, / Photo credit: GoFundMe

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