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Watch: Man Caught Urinating In Cup While Waiting In Car (Video)


A Michigan man was caught on video urinating into a cup while waiting for his wife outside of a market.

In the video (below), the man can be seen pulling his white underpants down and urinating into a cup.

The man reportedly needed to go to the bathroom desperately, and seemingly couldn’t hold it any longer — ultimately making the decision to relieve himself into a large cup.

“Oh my gosh, Facebook, do y’all see this s**t?” the person filming can be heard saying off camera. 

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“Oh hell no, he’s p***ing in a motherf**king cup," she added.

It is a criminal offense to urinate in public in Michigan, according to the Daily Mirror. Even exposing genitals could put someone on the state’s sex offender list.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 13 and garnered over 6,000 views in one day.

Watch the clip below.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Shocking News Today/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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