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Ohio Bus Driver Saves Suicidal Woman (Video)

An Ohio bus driver is being called a hero after he stopped his bus to talk a suicidal woman off of the edge of a bridge (video below).

Damone Hudson was driving by Main Street Bridge in downtown Dayton on Feb. 16 when he noticed a woman standing on the other side of the railing, WKEF reported. Surveillance footage captured the moment he stopped his bus, left the driver's seat and made his way toward the woman.

"Why don't we come back over on the side of the rail?" Hudson, who has been a bus driver for 24 years, is heard telling the woman. "Hey miss, why don't we come back on this side of the rail for me?"

The footage did not capture what else Hudson told the woman, but the veteran bus driver was able to keep her attention until Dayton Police Department officers arrived and took over. The woman ended up coming back over the rail, abandoning any macabre plans she  may have had.

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"I just knew I needed to talk to her," Hudson told WKEF, WRGT reports. "I wasn't trying to be heroic. I just saw someone that looked like she was definitely in pain or trouble and I just wanted to make a connection."

Hudson said he did everything he could to keep the woman from jumping off of the bridge.

"Ma'am, you look like you're having a bad day, you know. Can I give you a hug?" Hudson recalled telling the woman. "And it was just anything to get her to come back over on the other side of the rail."

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Hudson is now being praised by his superiors for his heroics.

"He's one of the best bus drivers we have," Jason Allen of Dayton's RTA told the news station.

"Everyone's going through something," Hudson added. "Even if you are, just reach out and try to touch someone, even if it's in a small way."

Hudson continued his bus route after the incident. He said the whole experience has had a profound effect on him.

"I know that every person's struggle is different and everybody's going through something, but you always want to continue," he told WHIO. "Life is a roller coaster, right? You [go] up, you're going to come down. But you've got to think 'I'm going back up' and hopefully it's going up for her now."

Hudson will be recognized for his heroics at an RTA Board meeting on March 17.

Sources: WRGT, WHIO / Photo credit: Fox 45 via Daily Mail

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