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School District Responds To Viral Bullying Video (Video)

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Officials at the Chester-Upland School District in Pennsylvania suspended a student who was caught on camera bullying a student on a school bus (video below). The victim will also reportedly be transferred to another school following the incident.

“Bullying is cruel, unacceptable conduct, and we will not tolerate it anywhere within the jurisdiction of the district schools, including – by extension – our school buses,” Superintendent Gregory Shannon said in a statement on March 16, according to WPVI.

The bully will also be transferred to a different bus, the district noted.

The video was reportedly taken by another child who was too afraid to get involved in the event but wanted to have proof of what happened.

Rhonda Fayall, the victim’s mother, told WPVI she was upset over the video, which shows her 10-year-old son getting slapped several times. The incident took place during the week of March 7.

When Fayall asked her son why he didn’t make the kid stop, her son responded that he had been getting bullied by several people for several months.

“He said, ‘Mom, if I hit one I have to fight them all,'" Fayall said. "So he said that he didn’t want to fight."

Fayall’s son said the bullies have smacked him in the face and rubbed spit on his head in the past.

The video was shared so many times on Facebook that it caught the attention of Dr. Claudio Cerullo, executive director of Teach Anti-Bullying.

“I’m going to get counseling for the child, whatever they need we will support him, we will try to put a smile back on his face,” Cerullo said.

Fayall said she is open to transferring her son to another school. She hopes to put the episodes of bullying behind them. 

Sources: WPVI, NBC 10 / Photo Credit: ABC 6, WPVI via YouTube

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