Middle Schoolers Attack Classmate, Affecting His Vision


A middle-school boy reportedly woke up on March 29 with crossed eyes and blurry vision the morning after being attacked by classmates at school.

"I see double and it's very blurry," seventh-grader Dustin Johnson told KRIV.

Dustin Johnson is a student at Livingston Junior High in Livingston, Texas. One morning, he woke up cross-eyed, struggling to see anything.

"They chased me around and when they caught me, they tackled me," Dustin said, explaining what happened to him the day before. "I got back up, one of them body-slammed me. I got back up, they gave me shoves and I walked out."

Dustin's mother, Amanda Anderson, says she was completely unaware of what happened to her son until he told his doctor. She says she was never notified of the incident by the school.

"Then I called the school and they knew about it," Anderson told KRIV. "They had witnesses tell them about it the day it happened. They didn't let me know anything."

Anderson says school officials showed her a recording of the attack after she called.

“Three boys approach him, he was running from them, when one of the biggest boys caught up with him,” Anderson said. “He body-slammed him. He landed on top of my son, they both got up and my son was shoved back to the ground.”

According to Anderson, one of the bullies was only given two days of in-school suspension for the attack.

"They're still there," she said. "There's nothing they're going to do to remove the situation."

Anderson says the school is "not taking any responsibility for this whatsoever."

"Today they gave me death threats and told me they were going to hurt my head even more," Dustin said.

Dustin's doctors are waiting to see if his eyes will correct themselves before determining if he will need surgery to fix his vision, reports Mad World News.

Sources: KRIVMad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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