Dog Alerts Its Owner To Carbon Monoxide Leak (Photos)


A dog may have very well saved her family's life.

Nicole Siekert and her two young daughters woke up one morning feeling sick, Little Things reported. At first, Siekert didn’t think much of it. The girls had breakfast and were both well enough to go to school.

But when Siekert tried to lay down to get some rest, her border collie, Abby, would not let her. The dog kept pawing at her until Siekert finally got up.

Abby lead Siekert downstairs, and that’s when Siekert heard the faint beeping coming from the home’s carbon monoxide alarm. Abby saved the family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It was like a flash,” Siekert told WISN. “Everything just came together, and it made sense."

We Energies company learned about Abby’s heroics and rewarded her with a gift basket full of treats and toys. The dog even got a certificate to recognize her for her actions.

“She saved my life," Siekert said. "She saved our lives."

Sources: Little Things, WISN / Photo credit: Siekert family via Journal Sentinel, Michael McCloone via Journal Sentinel, Todd Ponath via Lake Country Now

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