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Bank Teller Accused Of Stealing $110,000 From Customer Days After He Died

Kevin Bolema died unexpectedly on June 19 and no one batted an eyelash when bank teller Michelle Renee Crouch showed up to his funeral visitation - Bolema was known for his outgoing nature. Crouch hugged Bolema’s grieving mother and told her that her son was a nice man, Georgia News Today reported.

Now, Crouch is facing charges for allegedly stealing almost $110,000 from Bolema’s bank account at a PNC Bank branch in the Muskegon Township of Michigan within days of his death.

Crouch, 51, has been charged with larceny of more than $20,000 and identity theft - the former charge is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, MLive reported.

Crouch claimed that the withdrawal was authorized by Bolema before he went on the fishing trip, where he perished. "It's kind of an odd situation,” said her lawyer, Matthew Kacel. "She's saying she had a really good relationship (as a friend) with the victim in this case, helping him organize his house, helping him out.

"She was having trouble with her mortgage. He said, 'I'll lend you money for a mortgage, just pay me back.’”

Kacel chalked the incident up to a coincidence. "She's always maintained that it was going to be a loan and she didn't steal the money, but unfortunately the timing of the thing is just crazy," Kacel said.

Bolema’s family doesn’t believe it. "He was not a stupid man,” his sister, Rhonda Bolema, said. "There's no way my brother ever said that."

Sources: Georgia News Today, MLive / Photo credit: MLive

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