Man Faces Murder Charges For 7-Week-Old Daughter


A man from Virginia is accused of murdering his 7-week-old daughter.

On Jan. 21, 7-week-old Trinitie Burns was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The baby's father Diquan Burns, said he was taking care of the child when he accidentally hit her head against a swing, according to WRIC.

Trinitie died four days later at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

Due to the injuries on the left side of the baby's face, police issued a search warrant for Burns' residence in Eastern Henrico,  reports WTVR. According to Henrico police, the child suffered “severe injuries consistent with an assault,” reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

"The investigation determined that Diquan Montel Burns, 22, was responsible for the injuries that led to the infant’s death," said Lt. Chris Eley, Henrico police spokesman

He was indicted by a grand jury on March 14 on charges of murder and child neglect. He was charged and released on $35,000 bail.

"It's pretty rare for someone to be charged with murder and to get bond, but it's not unheard of," explained legal analyst Todd Stone.

Although the grand jury’s indictment stated that Burns did not intentionally murder the child, they believe he managed to do so while executing another felony, which is said to be the reported abuse.

"The fact that he's charged with murder suggests they don't believe his version of the story,” said  Stone. “The medical examiner determined a cause by looking at the injuries to the baby's body."

His family has a hard time coming to terms with the charges.

"​He was a good dad," Charles Burns, Diquan's father, told WWBT. "I never seen a young man that cared about a baby like he did. He has her stuff upstairs all in place. He loved that baby. My son ain't no murderer. I know that. I ain't raise no murderer."

Devon Jackson, Burns' cousin, hopes the public will not jump to conclusions. 

"I've known him all his life, and he's a great person," Jackson said. "He's trying to grieve in peace, and I feel at times, people are attacking him and not allowing him to grieve in this time of need. He knows and God knows what the truth is."

Sources: WTVR, WRIC, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, WWBT / Photo credit: WTVR

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