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Mother's Boyfriend Reportedly Kills Her Baby

A Texas mother’s boyfriend is accused of killing her 7-month-old baby on Feb. 17.

Kyle Gooch, 24, was taking care of 20-year-old Alysa Limon’s child, Presley Lindsay, while the mother spent the day at work, Star-Telegram reports.

When she came back to her home in Bedford late at night, she knew something was wrong after the baby began making unusual noises.

“I walked in and gave her kiss and left her in bed because I thought she was asleep,” Limon said. “I went to watch television when I started hearing some weird noises. I went to her and she wasn’t moving.”

After removing the child’s blanket and picking her up, she realized her baby had gone limp.

She then rushed to the hospital with Gooch and the baby.

Naturally she asked Gooch what had happened, but he gave different versions of the story to his girlfriend and the police.

“[Gooch] told me that he had only spanked her,” Limon, said, and that was because she wouldn’t stop crying.

Meanwhile, Gooch explained to the police he spanked the baby after she grabbed his Adam’s apple.

However, later her doctor revealed that the baby was shaken violently.

While the cause of death is still being determined, investigations so far reveal the child suffered intentional brain trauma.

Gooch is now in jail on $50,000 bail.

Meanwhile a heartbroken Limon regrets trusting her boyfriend with her baby.

“I made a mistake and I lost my baby for it,” she wrote on Facebook.  "I left her with someone [who] before this night was so sweet and so loving and did so much for her [so I trusted him].”

“I'm sorry I couldn't protect you,” Limon added in another post to her baby “I love you so much and I would do anything to hold you one more time I love you.”

“I love you Presley Ann Marie you are the most amazing daughter anyone could hope for you were so beautiful and bright and loving and crazy,” she added.

Sources: Star-Telegram,Alysa Limon/Facebook / Photo credit: Alysa Limon/Facebook

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