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Prison Inmate Posts Selfies To Facebook

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A Louisiana inmate was caught taking selfies while in prison and posting them on Facebook.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office caught Matthew Sanders after photos of himself surfaced on his Facebook profile. Sanders reportedly took the photos on a cellphone and then sent them to his girlfriend, who posted them to his page.

One photo featured the caption, "I need to know if this the look for me let me know by hitting like or not."

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Sanders, who is in prison for auto theft, drug possession and credit card fraud, will face additional charges for the selfies.

"Not only is it crazy, it shows the brazen capability of these people and they just don't care or think they'll get caught," security expert Mike Cahn told WDSU, adding that the incident is almost unheard of.

"For him to be comfortable taking selfies, it's very unusual, but he's going to soon find out he's made a big mistake," legal analyst Robert Jenkins added.

After a 2013 video revealed inmates at the Orleans Parish Prison in possession of drugs, guns and alcohol, the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office took steps to more effectively prevent contraband from entering the prison.

"It's pretty upsetting, especially if you're a victim, given what the crime is," Cahn said. "Here is a person taking selfie shots and asking people on his Facebook page to like it over the way he looks. It's really disturbing."

In a similar incident, a West Virginia inmate was caught taking selfies in the van on his way to prison.

"Go hard all day," one of the captions on the selfies Shane Holbrook posted reads, WSAZ reports.

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"I had some family members that seemed concerned about me," Holbrook said about why he posted the photos online. "I just wanted them to know I was alright -- not to stress too much."

Holbrook also admitted to knowing he was breaking prison rules at the time of the selfies.

"...You're not allowed to have a cell phone in jail," he said. "I know you're not allowed to have a cell phone in jail. It just happened. It's just the way things work sometimes. Lightning strikes trees, comets fall to earth, a guy in jail gets a cell phone sometimes. That's just the way this works."

Sources: WDSU, WSAZ / Photo credit: WDSU, Facebook via The Telegraph

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