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Authorities Find Illegal Drugs In One-Year-Old Child's System

A South Carolina woman was arrested after authorities discovered illegal drugs in the body of the one-year-old child she was caring for Feb. 16.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services reported Tabitha Anne Carr, 28, to the police after she tested positive for cannabinoids while pregnant, WBTW reports.

Soon after, a drug test was also performed on the one-year-old child she was taking care of.

The hair follicle drug test led authorities to arrest Carr after cannabinoids were also discovered in the toddler’s body.

While Carr was imprisoned for child neglect, she was released a few hours later on a $10,000 bond.

Cannabinoids, also known as synthetic marijuana, can be dangerous to one’s health but also the safety of others, US News and World Report explains.

“It can cause another user to behave in a way that can land them in prison, or even lead to death,” Dr. Howard Forman writes.

The case is just one of many in which officials arrested authority figures for feeding their kids drugs.

In April 2015, a Kentucky mother, 43-year-old Jessica Krugman, faced criminal charges for giving children as young as 12 substances like marijuana and alcohol.

The woman was said to have thrown parties for two years where she would allow the underage youth access to the substances.

She was stopped when a 13-year-old’s mother, who prefers to call herself only Nicole to protect her identity, called the police.

"She would tell my daughter that she would give her weed if she cleaned her house," Nicole added.

"Condoms were given, she had taken kids to get birth control pills, she had taken kids to get morning after pills.  All that came out and we said, 'That's insane,' and we called the cops," Nicole continued.

Dawn, another parent, said, "I cried, Nicole cried. We were just upset because we didn't think our daughters were doing anything.”

The Bullitt County School System said they were disappointed by the mother’s actions, but left the investigation to the police as it did not happen on school property.

Sources: WBTVUS News and World Report WLKY / Photo Credit: LA Weekly

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