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8-Year-Old Boy Calls Father When Three Men Try To Break In, Father Swiftly Reacts

When an Alabama father got a call from his 8-year-old son on Jan. 28 about three unknown men who showed up at their front door, he got home as quickly as possible and took action.

According to Laquita Embry, her 8-year-old son got off at his bus stop in Jefferson County, where he was supposed to meet his father, but decided to walk home when he realized his father was running late. When he got into the house, he saw three suspicious men knocking on the doors of the house, trying to break in, reports WBRC.

The 8-year-old did what his parents taught him to do in this kind of situation -- he grabed a knife, ran upstairs and hid. He then called his father and told him, “I see somebody.”

As soon as the father arrived at the home, he ran into the house, spotted the three men who broke in, and started shooting at them.

“My husband called me so I knew everything was alright,” Embry told WBRC. “My husband told me, ‘I got them. They were trying to break in. I just walked in the house and started shooting. I think I killed one of them.’”

Deputies responded to a call saying that a burglary suspect was shot by the homeowner. They found the suspect, who had bullet wounds, and took him to hospital. He later died, reports TheBlaze.

Police are continuing to search for the other two suspects and have not released the name of the suspect who was killed.

“I’m glad he did get them,” Embry told WBRC. “I work hard. I work two jobs. People just come here, taking your stuff. It’s not right.”

Sources: WBRCThe Blaze / Photo credit: WBRC

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