Teacher Accused Of Slamming Boy's Hand In Door

A 7-year-old boy may lose part of his finger after his teacher, Amanda Carranza, allegedly slammed his hand in a door. The student at Cahoon Elementary Magnet School in Tampa, Florida, has not been identified, but his family’s lawyer, Ryan Cappy, told ABC Action News that his clients aren’t sure it was an accident. 

"We do have reason to believe the teacher did this; in fact we know she did," Cappy said.  "Right now, we don't know if it is intentional or not.” Cappy wouldn’t cite any specific evidence, but he claimed that the teacher might have been frustrated when the child’s hand was caught in the door.

"I'm at work and I hear this call and I didn't know what to think, because all I hear is them tell me that there is an emergency," Willie, the student’s father, recalled to FOX 13. "I'm just praying at the same time that it's not something life-threatening.”

Willie said he was “sickened” by the sight of his son - an ambulance had to be called to treat him. "His clothes are covered and his pants and his shoes were covered in blood,” Willie said. "When I actually saw his hand, I kind of lost my cool a little bit, because I didn't expect to see it that bad.”

Although the boy’s fingers are healing, doctors are concerned he’ll lose part of one digit because of extensive nerve damage. Cappy has warned the Hillsborough County School Board that a lawsuit could be filed.

"When a mom sends her son to school, she expects him to return the same way, the same day. And when the door holder gets his hands slammed in a door and his finger is hanging off, that is when there is a problem," Cappy said.

Carranza has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. Since her employment with the school district in 2011, she has not received any other complaints.

Sources: ABC Action News, FOX 13 / Photo credit: FOX 13

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