Mother Arrested After 5-Year-Old Eats Marijuana Cake


A 30-year-old Georgia woman was arrested April 26 after her 5-year-old son said he ate a marijuana cake for breakfast.

Shakirah Wiley faces a second degree child cruelty charge and one count of contributing to child delinquency, according to WMAZ.

The incident came to light when the boy began behaving strangely at school around 8 a.m. April 25. After being asked what was wrong, he told staff he had eaten a marijuana cake for breakfast.

Wiley claims someone gave her the cake, and that when she noticed her son eating it she immediately took it away.

Raymond Garner, an investigator with Wrightsville police, told WMAZ that the boy’s pulse was measured at over 200.

He was taken to the hospital, where he tested positive for THC, a chemical found in marijuana.

Wiley’s arrest comes in the midst of a debate in Georgia about decriminalizing the use of the drug.

The city of Clarkston is due to vote as early as the week of May 2 on becoming the first city in the state to legalize marijuana, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry is supporting a plan which would make possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana a ticket-only offense.

Terry’s proposal is opposed by Governor Nathan Deal and law enforcement authorities, who argue only state legislators can make such a decision.

“I think that if he stopped for a minute and looked at the evidence and past the political rhetoric, he will see that this policy can only strengthen his criminal justice reform legacy,” Terry said of Deal, according to the Journal Constitution.

Deal backed a law allowing the use of medical marijuana in Georgia, but does not support decriminalizing its recreational use.

Whatever the outcome of the debate, it will not change the criminal charges against Wiley.

Sources: WMAZ, Atlanta Journal Constitution / Photo credit: WMGT

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