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Wheelchair-Bound Boy Miles Ambridge Separated In Class Photo

A mother from British Columbia is upset because her wheelchair-bound son was placed off to the side in his second grade class photo.

In the photo, Anna Ambridge’s 7-year-old son, Miles, is several feet away from his classmates and teacher. The separation between the young boy and the rest of the class is obvious.

“I couldn’t comprehend how the photographer could look through the lens and think that this was good composition ... this just boggled the mind,” Anna said.

Miles was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that attacks nerve cells in the spinal cord, at 13 months. He has enough problems to deal with without having to worry about these types of situations.

“Being picked on and being set aside is horrendous and this was what was happening,” Anna said.

Don Ambridge, Miles’ father, demanded that the school retake the photo after seeing the offensive picture. Herbert Spencer Elementary School has not commented on the photo yet, The Daily Mail reported.

“For some reason it makes me feel even worse that he’s so happy in the picture,” Don said. “I think it’s because he’s still innocent … He’s still naive to how other people can treat him.”

The Ambridges have decided not to show the picture to their son.

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Sources: The Daily Mail, Globe And Mail


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