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Whataburger Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve Police Officers

Fast-food chain Whataburger announced Wednesday that it had fired an employee at a Lewisville, Texas, store after he refused to serve two police officers in uniform Tuesday night.

The incident occurred when Michael Magovern from the Strawn City Marshall’s Office and Cameron Beckham, an officer with Milford police, stopped at a Whataburger on their way to work as security guards at a construction site.

“We don’t serve police officers,” the employee said to them, according to Dallas Morning News.

“We’ve seen it on social media. We heard it on the news. Seventeen years as a firefighter and now as a police officer, this is the first time this has ever happened to me,” Magovern said. “It really strikes a nerve personally.”

“It’s not every day that you go to an establishment thinking that you are going to hear something like that,” Beckham said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A customer who witnessed the staff member’s action informed the company via Twitter.

“Uh oh. Denied service to police officers in Lewisville, TX. This isn’t going to go well,” Cody Ramsey tweeted at the company, according to Inquisitr.

“We would never condone this action and this is completely unacceptable. We are working hard to address this as soon as possible,” the company wrote back shortly afterwards from its official Twitter account.

Whataburger then released a statement on Wednesday: “We were appalled to hear of an employee refusing service to two officers, as we have proudly served first responders across our system for decades. As soon as we heard of this isolated incident, we began our own internal investigation overnight. The employee that refused service is no longer employed with Whataburger. We’ve also invited the officers back today so we can apologize in person and make this right.”

“Just like I thought when we walked out of there, that is in no way, shape or form indicative of Whataburger,” one of the officers said, according to Inquisitr.

Sources: Dallas Morning News, Inquisitr, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: Twitter


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