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What You Drink Relates to How You Vote, According to National Media Research Planning and Placement

The most interesting thing about an infographic which breaks down voters by brand of alcohol published by National Media Research, Planning, & Placement, or NMRP&P, seems to be the revelation that those who follow politics don’t really want to face reality sober.

NMRP&P is a Republican media and marketing company, and they discovered that partisan voters not only prefer the same candidates, but also the same brands of booze.

For example, whiskey drinkers abound across the political spectrum, but moderate Democrats tend to drink Jameson while Republicans prefer Wild Turkey.

Comedic hacks have a wealth of material about unlikely voters missing Election Day because of hangovers from Jägermeister and Patron.

Both Bacardi and Captain Morgan are the two most politically neutral drinks on the chart.

Thanks to this research, we now know that when Congress reeked of booze on the eve of the government shutdown the stink of Ketel One, Beefeater, and Peppermint Schnapps was most likely wafting off of Republicans and the Democrats stewed in Champagne, Tanqueray, and whatever Smoking Loon might be.

Yet the fact remains that the heaviest bubbles orbit near the political middle, which indicates that business of compromise can drive you to drink.

Also, it appears that the most powerful dealmakers in Washington most likely score their wins over mojitos.

One glimmer of hope can be found in how this story has been covered.

No one seems to be mentioning the partisan nature of the NMRP&P and each side seems pleased with the choice. Raw Story and The Blaze both covered it in exactly the same way.

The comments on both sites were not derisive or mean-spirited, but mostly just affirmed what the chart said.

Ironically, mixing politics and liquor—at least in this case—made the conversation more civil and friendlier.

(larger versions of the chart below)

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