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What Would You Do?: White Girlfriend Enters Black Barbershop, Gets Insulted By Hairstylist (Video)

An interracial couple, a Black man and his white girlfriend, visited a Harlem barbershop recently only to be berated by a female hairstylist for dating.

The incident was not real but rather a segment on last week’s episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” which features uncomfortable real-life situations to see how people would really react.

“Rachael,” an actress playing a hairstylist at Denny Moe’s, flirts with the Black male patron, “Gabriel.” It’s not long before his Caucasian girlfriend walks in and “Rachael” gives both of them a piece of her mind.

The “hairstylist” quickly, and loudly, criticizes “Gabriel” and makes rude remarks about his girlfriend in front of a mix between outspoken and rather silent patrons. Hidden cameras show onlookers’ reactions, from simply turning the other way, to a woman calling the hairstylist a “racist,” to another who makes an emotional plea for Rachael to apologize.

While the offensive hairstylist is just an actress, the clip has gone viral and has sparked debate among those who condemn racism and others who support the hairstylist’s point of views.

“If I find out my daughter is with a black I’ll lure him over and put him 6 feet under,” said one commenter on YouTube.

Another commenter challenged the idea of whether this was indeed an example of racism.

“Racism has to do with power, and hegemonic rule. Whites have the power to end racism. This proves/advances nothing. Try the same scenario in a white barbershop… then you will see true racism,” the commenter said.

One person on YouTube admitted that they would have just stayed out of it:

“I would mind my own damn business! People get killed for sticking their nose in other peoples [sic] business.”

Watch the entire scenario below and see what you would do.

 Source: NewsOne, YouTube


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