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What Would You Do? Staged Child Abduction Shows Different Reactions To Kidnapping (Video)

A video reveals the surprising – and not so surprising – reactions of strangers who witness a child abduction right in front of them.

The Kidnapping Children Experiment decided to hit the streets all over the United States in order to capture on film what adults did when a boy told them a “man in a jacket” came up to him and tried to put him in the man's car.

“He won’t stop chasing me,” the boy, a child actor named Nathan, tells one couple in the video.

The supposed kidnapper is actually the creator of The Kidnapping Children Experiment, Yousef Seleh Erakat, 24, who then came over, telling people he was the boy’s father and that his son had run off and was telling lies.

Fortunately, several adults defended the boy, with one man even pushing the “abductor” against a car and giving the boy his phone to call for help.

Another woman stands in between the boy and the abductor and pepper-sprays the man before telling the boy to run.

A cameraman had to chase down the woman to tell her the entire thing was fake.

Reactions from other people were not as impressive, however. Some of the people Nathan approached let him walk off with the man. One man even shook hands with the “abductor” and laughed at the boy’s behavior.

While the scenario is fake, the video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, asks an important question:

“One decision can change an individuals [sic] life forever. When you are put to the test, will you pass?”

The Kidnapping Children Experiment was created to raise awareness of what the public can do to help stop child kidnappings.

“Growing up my biggest fear was getting kidnapped … This video was a way for me to express that fear in an artisitc [sic] way and also spread positive change as to why it is important to ACT when put into these types of situations,” Erakat wrote on his YouTube page.

The video has been viewed over 800,000 times so far.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube


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