Couple Walking Dog Finds Unknown Beached Sea Creature


A giant sea monster has washed up ashore in Port Talbot, South Wales, mystifying beachgoers.

The creature's corpse, which measures 11 feet long, was found by a couple walking their dog along Morfa Beach. Melanie Rees, 41, and her husband Mike, 47, had never seen anything like it.

The couple had initially believed it to be a large piece of driftwood, but realized it was an animal carcass after seeing flies swarming around it.

"I couldn't believe how big it was," Melanie said. "At first I thought it was a piece of driftwood or a big log as it was so far off the beach. But when we got closer, I could see thousands of flies and I knew it had been an animal."

The washed up corpse looks like a giant crocodile, with scales and a long tail. In the photos, the creature looks to have been decaying for a while, as its coloring had turned almost black with degeneration. The head is too rotted to get a clear grasp on what it looked like before its death.

"I think it could be a whale, but I’m not sure. I don't think a whale would wash up that far," she added.

Melanie posted pictures of the discovery on social media, but no one has been able to correctly identify the beast, according to

“People on Facebook have been hilarious. One has even said it could be a dinosaur, but I’m not so sure.”

Another unidentified sea creature was found washed up on a tourist beach in Mexico recently, puzzling experts, according to The Sun.

The monster was found on Bonfil Beach and had an astonishing length of 13 feet. Shocked beachgoers circled around the animal, taking pictures and sharing them on social media.

The coordinator of the Civil Guard and Fire Brigade, Rosa Camacho, said: "We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid aroma."

Sources:, The Sun / Photo credit: WNS via

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