Woman Births Son, Leaves Him To Die In Freezing Garage

Michigan woman Angela Alexie gave birth to a son in a dirty garage, then left him to die.        

Alexie gave birth to the boy three days before Christmas 2014. He was named Henry Alexander Macomb only after his frozen body was discovered coming down a recycling center conveyer belt a month later.

“To Angela Alexie, that wasn’t a child, it was a dirty little secret,” assistant prosecutor William Cataldo said, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Cataldo noted that the 25-year-old “knows about abandonment” since she’s not involved in the lives of her other three children.

Cataldo told jurors that Alexie gave birth to the child in a garage and cut the umbilical cord with her teeth. She then wrapped the baby in a towel and t-shirt and hid him behind a mattress while she went into the house, where she could stay warm.

Alexie claimed she checked on the child every couple of hours to breastfeed him.

Cataldo said that on Dec. 24, two days after Alexie gave birth, the child died. Three weeks later, Alexie put the child’s body in a garbage bag. The bag was later transported to a recycling center.

It’s believed that the child died of hypothermia and parental neglect.

While Alexie claimed that she was too injured to deliver her son to the fire department, who would then deliver the baby to foster care, Cataldo called her out. A text from Alexie to a friend confirmed that she went to a bar. Photos also showed Alexie in sexy poses and selfies that accentuated her weight loss.

“I’m not saying she’s a hero,” Steve Kaplan, Alexie’s attorney, said. “Did Angela Alexie knowingly create a risk of great bodily harm? She’s guilty of many things. She’s not guilty of felony murder.”

Kaplan told jurors that Alexie has “cognitive challenges,” CBS reported. He asked that jurors convict her of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, CBS News / Photo credit: Detroit Free Press

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