Teacher's Aide Saves Choking Boy On School Bus (Video)


An Oklahoma teacher’s assistant was caught on video (below) saving a student’s life after the student began choking on the school bus.

In surveillance video of the incident, the 5-year-old boy can be seen struggling to breathe while Mannford Public Schools teacher’s assistant Ginger Maxville drives. She stops the bus and helps him to breathe.

"Did he swallow it?" Maxville can be heard saying in the video. "Come here. It's OK. You'll throw it up. OK got it."

Maxville performs the Heimlich maneuver on him, and as she does so, she continues to talk to the child and let him know he's alright.

"Don't you do that again," she says after the boy stops choking. "You scared me to death. You hear me. Oh thank the lord you are OK."

She then gives the boy a hug.

Maxville later recalled what led to the terrifying incident. 

“I thought he was teasing me and just not following my instructions and not sitting down,” Maxville told KTUL. She quickly realized that something wasn’t right.

“His sister said 'I think he swallowed a coin,'" Maxville said.

Maxville proceeded to stop the bus in a safe place and assist the child.

“So I made sure the bus was secure went back and grabbed the student," she said. "He was just red and gasping for air."

Maxville noted that this was the first time she needed to use her CPR training in 17 years. 

"I was just surprised that this was happening and I thought I got to see if I was really paying attention when I had my training and it paid off," she said.

The teacher’s aide was subsequently praised for her actions, with many calling her a hero. She rejected that notion, instead saying that keeping students safe is just a part of her job.

"I feel like I don't deserve a lot of credit," she added. "It was just God working through me. But I am just glad we got it done."

The boy reportedly asked if he could keep the penny he swallowed; Maxville said yes on the condition that he promise never to swallow a coin ever again.

Watch the terrifying incident unfold below. 

Sources: KTUL, KTUL via YouTube / Photo Credit: KTUL via YouTube

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