Pit Bull Viciously Attacks Beagle And Owner


Shocking video (below) showing a pit pull attacking a beagle and its owner has gone viral.

The video was posted by Raphael Fortin, who was walking with his girlfriend in Boston while visiting the city for a Coldplay concert. 

The couple “heard a loud yelling and shouting and realized what was happening.”

The beagle’s owner was screaming for help while being mauled as she tried to save her dog from the pit bull's attack.

In the video, the pit bull bites the beagle.

“The guy [pit bull owner] claimed that he got punched in the face which made his dog defend him and attack the smaller dog. I can't confirm if this is accurate,” said Fortin.

The bruised and bloodied woman cries out for help as she lies wounded on the ground.

“Get it off her,” she yelled as the large dog dragged her to the ground with her beagle.

The woman recording the scene can be heard shouting: “What the f---! Oh my God,” before she screams for people to stop kicking the pit bull.

A throng of spectators then tries to wrestle with the uncontrollable pit bull, before the two dogs are finally pulled apart.

Authorities arrived at the scene after the fight was broken up. 

Fortin posted the video to YouTube on July 31 and it has gotten more than 200,000 views in a month, according to Daily Mail.

Fortin wrote that he felt “sad” that all the attention was given to the owner of the beagle rather than the pit bull.

“The guy was left alone by the crowd and even the cops which didn't seem to care about him that much. The girl left in the cops car. I assume she went to the hospital,” he wrote.  

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo credit: Raphael Fortin/YouTube via Daily Mail

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