Woman Arrested, Thanks To Gas Station's Cameras (Video)


A woman suspected of pulling a gun out and pulling the trigger at a gas station after a heated quarrel has been caught on camera (video below).

The incident occurred March 20 at the Mobil gas station in Detroit at around 4:30 a.m., according to WJBK.

The gas station's surveillance cameras are streamed in real time directly to the Detroit Police Department headquarters and observed 24 hours a day. It is one of eight Project Green Light gas stations in cooperation with the DPD to crack down on violence.

Local authorities used high definition images from video footage of the shooting to quickly nab the suspect. Within two hours of receiving the images from the surveillance camera, police were able to arrest the female suspect, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

Although the woman’s name has not been identified, Craig said she was apprehended while driving about a mile away from her house after someone recognized her and called police.

The video of the shooting -- which takes place in a parking lot -- has since been posted on YouTube. It shows the suspect exiting a blue sedan and reaching into the passenger side to retrieve a gun, which she then hides under her skirt. A black car pulls up and the woman walks up to it with her accomplice.

A man, dressed in black, runs out of the store and confronts her before she pulls the gun out and points it at his head. He then tackles her to the ground after attacking her partner.

“Huge success, exactly what we had hoped for,” Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody of Project Green Light told WJBK. “We’re going to see you, and we’re going to see you clearly.”

The surveillance program started in January and costs around $5,000 for businesses to set up the cameras. Currently, 11 establishments in Detroit are part of Project Green Light.

Sources: WJBKYouTube / Photo credit: WJBK

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