DUI Driver Hits Three Children, Nine-Year-Old Boy Dies


A nine-year-old boy has died after he and two other boys were hit by a car while riding their bikes in Atlanta.

Isaiah Ward has died after being on life support following the car accident.

Isaiah was riding his bike with his older brother Roland, 11, and their friend Timothy Hood, 12, when all three were struck by a car.

According to WSBTV, Ryan Lisabeth was driving along when he crashed into another car, then drove onto the sidewalk, hitting the three boys.

Police discovered that Lisabeth was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash and found drugs in his car. According to WTVM, he has been arrested and is expected in court April 18.

On April 17, roughly 100 people gathered at the site of the accident for a prayer vigil for the three victims. It was there they learned Isaiah had passed away.

"Isaiah, he fought a long fight but at the end of the day God had a final say, so he said he want his baby, he want his baby back," Isaiah's uncle, Lafreddie Smith said to the group of mourners.

Isaiah was put on life support after suffering fatal brain damage in the accident. On April 17, his parents made the difficult decision to take him off of the respirator.

Roland and Timothy are still in recovery in the hospital, both in critical condition. The boys have not yet been told that Isaiah passed away.

Smith said that Roland is expected to make a full recovery.

According to WTVM, Timothy has a concussion, stitches in both legs, and a fractured skull. 

Both boys are showing signs of improvement, according to relatives.

Sources: WSBTVWTVM / Photo credit: WTVM

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