Teen Lies About Returning $2,000 To Basketball Star


A young Tennessee man said he found a wallet containing $2,000 in cash, which he later discovered belonged to San Antonio Spurs star David West. After the story went viral, however, it was discovered that the 18-year-old had made it up.

Dekeevin Johnson, 18, told WMC that he was cleaning a tour bus in Memphis, Tennessee, when he found the wallet, which contained $2,000 in cash, a credit card, and identification.

"I came back in and I cleaned the bus … and while I was going down the aisle of the bus, I found the wallet sitting up under the seat," Johnson said.

Johnson, who cleans buses for the Cline Tours company during the day while working towards a college degree at night, said he immediately turned the wallet in to the company's management.

"That's how I was taught … to give everything back, like you would want somebody to give to you," he said.

According to Johnson, he later found out that the wallet he returned belonged to San Antonio Spurs forward David West. The NBA team had reportedly rented the bus for a March 28 game against the Memphis Grizzlies, My San Antonio noted.

Johnson said management passed the wallet along to the Spurs organization, which then returned it to West.

Johnson's mother, Denise Crane, said she was proud of her son.

"I just wanted people to know that all of our young black males are not out here doing the wrong thing," Crane told WMC. "We still got good kids that do good things and if we raise them right, they will, in turn, make us very proud."

According to an update to the My San Antonio article, a spokesman for the Spurs said the story is untrue. However, it's unclear how much of the story was fabricated. Neither Johnson nor Cline Tours could be reached for comment by My San Antonio as of 6:30 p.m. on April 17.

Sources: WMC, My San Antonio / Photo Credit: WMC

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