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What Is This Section All About?

A huge reason why Opposing Views has been able to grow so rapidly is because of our passionate, diverse and intelligent readers.

In an effort to organize some of the fantastic conversations you guys have on a regular basis, we have created a separate debate section. This particular part of the site will house anywhere from three to six articles per day which we want readers to dissect and discuss.

Obvious question: How is this any different from commenting on articles in other sections?

Well, while we still want you to comment and offer your take on each and every article, what we’re really looking for here are strong position statements. If the piece is about guns, don’t just say: “The Second Amendment rocks/sucks.” Save that for the guns section.

This is for you to try your best to make the other side understand why 5-year-old kids should/shouldn’t be allowed to have their own rifles. Or why parents, not doctors, should/shouldn’t have the final say on their children's health. Or why climate change is/isn't a big deal.

You get the point.

You may not convince folks with opposing views, but at least you can walk away with the satisfaction of knowing you made the better, more logical arguments.

This section will officially be open for business on Monday, May 6. 


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