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Mother's Attempt To Shame Restaurant Backfires (Video)

A mother filmed a restaurant manager advising the woman and her sister to keep their children under control, claiming he was being rude.

The film, uploaded to YouTube, begins with the mother accusing the boss of displaying disrespect towards families with children.

Her kids had been noisily running amok in the restaurant when the manager intervened.

“You have made all seven of us feel unwelcome in your restaurant simply for having children,” she said, adding various curse words while lecturing the manager.

Yet some noted the hypocrisy the woman’s language demonstrated.

“It’s also worth noting that this mother’s rant was riddled with F-bombs, said in front of her kids while communicating her grievances about feeling disrespected,” Amanda Shea wrote for MadWorldNews. “Not only did she disrespect the manager in doing this, she also proved that her kids are in fact out of control because of her example.”

Filming the incident, the mothers hoped to shame the man for the world to see.

Yet it appears the video may have backfired on the woman as many now accuse her of being “entitled” and merely trying to get a free meal.

“I love how she's smug at the end thinking putting this on the internet will end well for her and shame the manager. i dont know how the hell you can consider him rude, he was nothing but a professional, whereas you were nothing but awful to the guy. its not his fault you have no control of your children. I cant wait for this to blow up.” YouTube user gz2k10 said.

Others also praised the manager, calling him patient, while adding the woman was the inconsiderate one.

“When you're approached because your children are making a lot of noise, you need to address that by having them quite down. You're in a public place, with other people, and the manager probably came to you because other patrons complained. He's doing his job,” YouTube user PrezThomas said.

“Anyone else who has children at that restaurant ...Their children were exposed to your behavior and language. Think about that for a moment. Think about the impact you're having to people around you,” he added.

Sources: Courtney M Shull/YouTubeMadWorldNews / Photo credit: Courtney M Shull/YouTube

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