Documentary Reveals Details Of Marilyn Monroe's Death


More than 50 years after Marilyn Monroe passed away, a new documentary has raised some questions about the controversy surrounding her death.

A new documentary has accused Monroe's personal physician, Dr. Hyman Engelberg, of essentially "signing her death sentence" by prescribing a lethal cocktail of sleeping pills, the Daily Mail reports. The documentary also alleges that Engelberg lied under oath about the drugs he prescribed for Monroe during a 1982 investigation into her death.

Monroe famously suffered from severe insomnia and relied on prescription drugs to function in her daily life.

According to the documentary "Autopsy: The Last Hours of Marilyn Monroe," medical records show that Engelberg prescribed a combination of Nembutal and Chloral Hydrates for Monroe, which can be lethal when taken together. Engelberg then reportedly lied by saying that he never prescribed Chloral Hydrates for Monroe.

Monroe was found dead on Aug. 5, 1962, with an empty bottle of Nembutal near her body, according to News First. One hand was pointed toward the receiver of her telephone, which supports previous theories that she had overdosed and tried to call for help before dying in her bedroom.

The documentary shows that Monroe's doctors tried to make her less dependent on drugs by taking her off Nembutal and switching her to Chloral Hydrates, the Daily Mail notes. However, days before her death, Dr. Engelberg reportedly prescribed her Nembutal as well.

Engelberg passed away in 2005.

Sources: Daily MailNews First / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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