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Man Arrested, Meth Lab Found Next To Child's Bedroom

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A Barberton, Ohio, man was arrested after police found him operating a meth lab inside of a home, next to a child's bedroom.

Police began investigating the home after noticing suspicious activity inside. They ultimately received permission from the owners to conduct a search, and found meth materials in the garage.

They then discovered a lab inside of a room that was located next to a child's bedroom.

"They found methamphetamines, as well as pseudoephedrine," Barberton Police public information officer Marty Ebehart said.  Neighbors said they believe two young girls lived inside of the house, which reportedly had a strong odor similar to "burning chlorine."

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"The girls weren’t very clean. They had holes in their shirts sometimes," one neighbor said. Several neighbors said they witnessed fires burning outside the home on a number of occasions.

"It smelled like a gas fire," one neighbor told Cleveland 19 News.

Thomas Harris, 43, was arrested and charged with illegal manufacture of drugs. The crime was a first-degree felony, due to the children living inside of the home.

"Obviously, having a meth lab where you have your kids is a big deal. That’s why it’s a very severe charge. It’s the highest degree felony in the state of Ohio," Ebehart said.

Sources: Cleveland 19 News, Fox 8 / Photo credit: Cleveland 19 News

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