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Remains Of A Child Found In Vacant Virginia Apartment Building

The remains of a child were found inside a vacant apartment in Richmond, Virginia.

Police were called to a duplex located on Richmond’s North Side after a body was discovered in the attic on Jan. 16.

The body belongs to a child, allegedly a pre-teen, several sources told WVTR. Police have yet to confirm if the child was found inside the residence, as well as the age, race, gender and cause of death.

Deborah Plumb, who lives in the area, was surprised to hear the news.

"You see people every day walking up and down the street, and you don't know what they've done, what they're hiding, what they're about,” Plumb told WTVR. “It's kind of frightening."

According to Plumb, no one had lived on the second-floor apartment for several months. Investigators also concur that the residence was vacant. Plumb was considering renting that particular apartment before the news, but now, she is considering leaving the area.

"There is always the next something,” Plumb said. “And there is always going to be the next something in a neighborhood like this.”

This is the second reported death of a child to hit the neighborhood in the past month. In December 2015, 12-year-old Amiya Moses was shot while visiting friends, as an innocent bystander of an ongoing neighborhood dispute.

"All because somebody wanted to be a fool, they took my daughter's life," said Kele Wright, Amiya’s mother. "This crime has to stop, it has to."

“I just busted out crying that’s what I did,” said Amiya’s friend Chanya Newsome. "Amiya was like my best friend. I really loved that girl and I never thought this day would come. Amiya didn’t deserve this.”

Wright wants to make the neighborhood safer for the community, as she holds on the memories of her only child.

"I want her legacy to be that violence is not the key," she said. "The community needs to stand up and stop the violence, stop everything, you see something don’t be scared to go say something. Violence leads to people burying their loved ones when it’s not their time.”

Sources: WTVR (2), (3) / Photo credit: WTVR

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