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'Atlas Of True Names' Map Translates Each State's Name (List)

When people ask where you’re from, there’s a good chance you don’t say “Oh, well my family is from the Land of the People with Dugout Canoes, but I just moved to the Land of the Dormant Ones.”

Translation: My family is from Missouri, but I just moved to Iowa.

Each state’s name wasn’t just picked at random – they all have a meaning. Apparently, early settlers in Iowa were some sleepy people. Curious to know the meaning behind each state’s name? We’ve got you covered.

"The Atlas of True Names" was compiled in recent years by cartographers Stephan Hormes and Silke Peust. Thanks to their work, we now know that Alabama is the Land of the Thicket Clearers and Chicago literally means “Stink Onion.” That explains a lot. For the full list of state name meanings, check this out:

  • Missouri – Land Of The People With Dugout Canoes
  • Maryland – Land Of The Rebellious One
  • Illinois – Land Of Those Who Speak Normally
  • Alabama – Land Of The Thickest Clearers
  • Iowa – Land Of The Dormant Ones
  • Texas – Land Of Friends
  • New Jersey – New Isle Of Spears
  • Delaware – Land Of War
  • Louisiana – Land Of The Famous People
  • Virginia – Virgin’s Land
  • North Carolina – North Freewoman’s Land
  • Connecticut – Land Beside The Long Tidal Wave
  • Washington – Marsh Farm Land
  • Oregon – Beautiful Land
  • California – Land Of The Successor
  • Nevada – Snowy Land
  • Idaho – Light On The Mountains
  • Montana – Mountain Area
  • Rhode Island – Red Island
  • Wyoming – Land At The Big River Flat
  • Utah – Land Of The Sun
  • Colorado – Reddish Land
  • Arizona – Small Springs
  • New Mexico – New Navel Of The Moon
  • The Dakotas – Land Of Friends
  • Nebraska – Land Of The Shallow Water
  • Kansas – Land Of The South Wind People (same as Arkansas)
  • Oklahoma – Land Of The Red People
  • Arkansas – Land Of The South Wind People (same as Kansas)
  • Mississippi – Land Of The Great River
  • Georgia – Farmer’s Land
  • Florida – Blooming Land
  • South Carolina – South Freewoman’s Land
  • Wisconsin – Red River Land
  • Minnesota – Land Of The Cloudy Water
  • Kentucky – Meadowland
  • Tennessee – Land Of The River
  • West Virginia – West Virgin’s Land
  • New York – New Yew Tree Estate
  • Vermont – Green Mountain
  • New Hampshire – New Enclosed Farmshire
  • Maine – Land Of Folks
  • Massachusetts – Land At The Little Big Hills
  • Ohio – Land Of The Beautiful River
  • Hawaii – Land Of The Gods
  • Alaska – Land Towards Which
  • Indiana – Land Of The Flowland People
  • Michigan – Land Of The Big Lake
  • Pennsylvania – Land Of The Main Hill Wood
  • Sources: Kali Media, Huffington Post, IJ Review / Photo Credit: Kali Media,


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