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This Is What Management Trying To Prevent Employees From Unionizing Sounds Like (Audio)

We all know that business managers don’t like unions. There have been hundreds of stories over the years of employees attempting to form unions only to have their efforts thwarted by intimidation and threats from upper-management.

Normally, these closed-door discussions stay just that – behind closed doors. But thanks to the rise of smart phones, millions of people now go through their daily routines equipped with an audio recorder.

An employee of Iron Mountain, a multinational storage and information management company, recently recorded one of these union-busting meetings between employees and management.

The managers don’t say anything particularly noteworthy in the audio clip, but their staunch anti-union position shows throughout. For every instance of a manager telling employees to “educate yourselves on both sides of the issue” there are several other times when they tell employees how difficult work will become with a union. One manager even resorts to saying that the employees shouldn’t form a union “because this is the south. This is not something where unions are [prevalent].”

Here is the 20-minute audio clip from the meeting.

Just for more anti-union fun, I’ve included a propaganda-esque Target training video that was leaked a few years back as well. Enjoy. 

Sources: Gawker, Iron Mountain


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