Man Caught Performing Sick Act On Dolphin (Video)


A zoo in the Netherlands came under fire after video showing a man performing a sex act on a dolphin was leaked (video below).

The clip showing the sex act was secretly recorded by television show "RAMBAM" and uploaded to YouTube.

Hidden video revealed a dolphin lying on its back in what looks to be an indoor pool.

A male zoo keeper bends over the dolphin, uses his gloved hand to perform the sex act and then feeds the sea mammal a fish.

After the video was released, animal rights activists slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands, reports the Mirror.

The activists called it an “underwater circus” and want the zoo to be shut down. They also say the animals are kept in small, over-chlorinated tanks for long periods.

Zookeepers claim the bizarre act is to “de-stress” the animals and went on camera claiming it prevents them from having incestuous relations.

They also said there were “gay” dolphins at the zoo that have intercourse with each other in their tanks.

The leader of animal party PvdD, Leonie Vestering, has pressed sexual abuse charges against the zoo.

But according to investigators, the act was part of a routine “breeding program” and Dutch officials are rejecting the case because no laws were broken by the unsettling act, according to the Mirror.

“The sexual act with the dolphin is performed in the context of training the dolphin for the release of sperm as part of a breeding program,” the prosecutor said in a statement.

“The act was conducted by a scientist in the context of scientific research that focuses on this breeding program.”

In response to the allegations, the Dolphinarium said: “The interplay between man and dolphin fits well in all respects within all laws that the Dolphinariam comply with, like all zoos should.”

“By far the largest portion of the day all animals are in the basin DolfijndoMijn, which has about [800,000 gallons] of water over the whole habitat,” a representative added.

“They are only sometimes kept in the smaller basins for observation. The accusation of harmful chlorine is also unfounded. A specialized team tests the water habitats in the Dolphinarium daily so that it meets the legal standards.”

WARNING: Graphic video

Sources: Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via SkyNews/YouTube

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