Man Arrested In Connection To Death Of Girlfriend's Infant Son


After the death of his girlfriend’s infant son in a rundown "shed,” an Oklahoma man fled the scene of the crime, police said. He has since been taken into custody.

Kevin Lee Crawford, 52, was arrested on drug charges and in connection with the death of the 6-month-old son of his girlfriend, Anna Hyden.

According to police, emergency medical services were called to a rundown "shed” in which the couple lived with the child, because the baby was in cardiac arrest. Hyden reportedly told investigators that her son was in Crawford’s custody while she was running errands that day. The child was left in Crawford’s care for two to three hours, during which he was using methamphetamine, according to KOKI News.

When Hyden returned to the home, the baby was unresponsive in his crib. Emergency services were called, but Crawford fled when they arrived. The child was sent to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to News on 6. Information regarding the cause of the child’s heart attack and subsequent death has yet to be released.

Tulsa police said that Crawford was found with illicit drugs and several needles when police located him around 3:00 a.m. on Jan. 18, News on 6 notes. He was charged with child neglect, possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Crawford has been previously convicted of several felony charges, including manufacturing meth. He is being held on a bond of over $60,000.

Living conditions of the shed in which the couple resided were considered unsuitable for a child.

“The deplorable living conditions that were forced upon this young child consisted of trash, chemicals and filth that filled this tiny shed,” the Tulsa Police Department wrote in a report, according to News on 6.

"The shed was also uninsulated which left the baby very little protection from the elements," the arrest report read.

In December 2015, a toddler died of hypothermia in his crib after his parents allegedly neglected him for 38 hours, The St. Louis Dispatch reported at the time. Parents Kathleen Peacock and Lucas Barnes left 2-year-old Braydon in a room with an unattended space heater while they were manufacturing and using meth. The trailer in which the family lived was declared inhabitable.

“It’s a crime of neglect,” Prosecutor Tim Lohmar said at the time, according to The St. Louis Dispatch. “We believe that due to their intoxication with controlled substances, they didn’t have the typical faculties required to properly care for the child.”

Sources: News on 6, KOKI News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo Credit: News on 6, KOKI News

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