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This Is What It Means If You Find A Coin Stuck In Your Car Door Handle

Thieves will always be searching for new ways to take from others. The latest trend in car thievery is something that’s easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention, but it’s also simple to look for and prevent.

Out of all of the things thieves can use to break into you car and steal your belongings, coins don't seem likely to be on your list of possible options. But that’s just what some criminals have begun to use, according to Sun Gazing.

Criminals have reportedly been using pennies and nickels to break into cars. Here’s how it works: The thief jams a coin into the door handle on the car’s passenger side. Then, they wait for the car owner to show up and follow the owner home. When the owner tries to lock the car, the mechanism fails because the passenger door handle is jammed, which gives the thief the ability to enter the car through the unlocked door.

Thankfully, this method is easy to prevent. All you need to do it check all of your door handles for coins before you get in your car to make sure nobody is trying to break in. If you do find a coin, remove it from the handle and your car will be less vulnerable.

If you have discovered somebody is trying to pull this trick on you, it may also be in your interest to call 911, just in case somebody has followed you home.

Sources: Mad World NewsSun Gazing / Photo credit: Mad World News, Sun Gazing

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