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What is REALLY going on with the ATF?


The ATF, recently under fire for it's doomed operation with "Operation Gunrunner", is frought with questions.  Who was the "Authority" that generated this monstrosity?  Who is the "Authority" that is now trying to hide this undermining of everything that the ATF is supposed to prevent?If an American citizen did the same thing that the ATF did in this debacle, the press would kill another half million trees to follow it.  Yet what do we hear about it?  NOTHING! 

Today's third page story says that the second hearing is being held on it, with none scheduled for the near future...what were the results of the first hearing?  And why is there not any more hearings scheduled?

How deep is Eric Holder in on this?  You notice I said 'is', not 'if'.  If he is not in on this, then he should be UP on this.  Where is he?  What is really going on with the ATF?  Are they being used for political propaganda so as to pass more gun legislation?  Were they purposely forced by the administration to allow arms to be smuggled across our open border so that this administration can call for more gun control?  Naaaa....can't be that!


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