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Detroit Man Shoots Armed Robber Trying To Steal His Sunglasses

An armed robber got an unpleasant surprise when he tried to steal sunglasses from a young Detroit father who carried a concealed weapon.

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, a 17-year-old tried to rob 24-year-old Joe Lanier while Lanier was sitting in his car near the corner of Warren and Grayton on the city's east side, reports WXYZ. Lanier works as an exterminator and was on the job when the teenager pulled a gun on him and demanded that Lanier hand over his sunglasses.

Little did the armed robber know, the exterminator had a concealed carry license.

"The boy tried to rob me, and I shot him," Lanier told WXYZ. "That's what happened."

Lanier fired at the suspect several times. According to the Daily Caller, the suspect attempted to flee, but Lanier's bullets hit him, and he fell to the ground. The young assailant remains in the hospital in critical condition.

“If I wasn’t on my ‘p’s’ and ‘q’s’ I would have been gone,” Lanier said. “That’s why he’s in the hospital and not me.”

Lanier's car windows are shattered, and there are a couple of bullet holes in the side of his vehicle.

Lanier's mother, Angela Lanier, is a gun instructor who said she taught all of her children responsible gun use.

"If your children do not have any felonies, I advise everyone to pack," she said. "I pack, my sons pack, and we are legal with it."

The mother's sentiment was echoed by Detroit police chief James Craig, who spoke about concealed carrying last year.

"I think it acts as a deterrent," he said at the time. "Good Americans with [concealed pistol licenses] translates into crime reduction."

As far as the 17-year-old suspect, Angela Lanier had some strong words for his family.

“Maybe if you’d have taught him a little bit better to respect other people and get out here and get a job, then it might not have turned out that way for him,” she said.

Sources: WXYZ, Daily Caller
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Daily Caller


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