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This Is What Happens When An 86-Year-Old Hits Accelerator Instead Of Brake

An 86-year-old Michigan woman drove her Chevrolet Malibu airborne over a stone wall and plowed into a neighbor’s garage because "she might have hit the accelerator instead of the brake."

Mary Estry narrowly missed several trees Thursday afternoon after she flew across Sandie and Norm Waring’s yard in Hanover Township around 1 p.m.

Michigan State Police Trooper Derrick White said she was leaving her driveway across the street from the Warings “when she might have hit the accelerator instead of the brake,” MLive reported.

"When that car came flying through, I thought for sure it was going to crash into our house," the Waring’s 28-year-old daughter Ashley Wildt told the The Jackson Citizen Patriot.

"This is just terrible," Wildt said. "My heart is still pounding."

She said when she first saw the crash she thought it was “drunk kids.”

Estry’s daughter, 49-year-old Lynn Sherman, was also in the car with her. Both were taken to Allegiance Health.

White said Estry was “a little banged up,” but her daughter was in good health.

The trooper noted that the state police will ask the Secretary of State to re-evaluate Estry’s driver license.

The Waring family is just happy the women are going to be okay.

"Stuff can be replaced,” Sandie Waring said.

The Warings' grandson, 8-year-old Trevor Brown, told them that now "we have three garage doors."

Sources: MLive (2), The Jackson Citizen Patriot


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