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This Is What Happened To A Sex Offender Who Thought People Would Just Let Him Attack A Woman (Photo)

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Joey Thomas and William Byrum were driving down I-205 in Portland, Oregon, when traffic came to a complete stop.

Apparently, 26-year-old Darrell Classen had punched a woman inside a moving car. She then pulled over to the side of the road and ran straight into traffic to avoid him. However, Classen chased after her.

“At that point I got out of my truck and me and a couple other guys started chasing him,” Thomas said.

Other drivers also stopped to help, including one female bystander who watched Classen slap the woman.

Byrum finally managed to catch up to Classen, body slam him and restrain him.

“I picked him up and just slammed him down on the ground so that I could get on top of him,” Byrum said.

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The men managed to pin Classen to the ground and bind his hands with makeshift handcuffs made from Thomas’ briefcase.

Byrum then told Classen that they would sit with him until the cops could arrest him. Byrum also took a picture of the event, which features Thomas smiling as he holds Classen down.

Police noted that the woman probably wouldn’t be in good condition if the men hadn’t intervened.

Thomas added that he hoped someone would do the same for his wife or mother.

Classen was arrested, then charged with assault and reckless endangerment. In the past, he has evaded a police officer and failed to register as a sex offender.

Investigators are working to understand the connection between Classen and the woman.

Sources: KGW, That Oregon Life

Photo Credit: KGW


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