Grandmother Protests Outside School Bus, Gets Arrested


Massachusetts grandmother Mary Franklin was arrested March 3 after protesting outside a school bus stop.

Franklin was carrying a sign and got on the bus in Mattapan, Massachusetts, before police got involved, WHDH reported. She was then taken away in cuffs and charged with trespassing.

On March 3, Franklin appeared in court and demanded that Boston Public Schools put monitors on school buses. Franklin noted that she doesn’t think it’s fair to ask bus drivers to baby-sit while driving. She believes another adult beside the driver should ride the bus with children.

“Our children are precious and we have to make them a priority in the Boston Public School System,” Franklin said.

Franklin noted that her own 5-year-old granddaughter was suspended twice from the bus for “acting like a 5-year-old” and that a monitor could help prevent that kind of problem.

The charges against Franklin were later dropped.

“It’s been an experience, would I take it back?” Franklin said. “No, I’d do it again.”

Franklin said she will keep up the fight until every child under the age of 7 has a monitor on the bus.

In a statement, Boston Public Schools noted that safety is its top priority. Non-student riders undergo a thorough application process including a Criminal Offender Record Information background check. The district noted that it constantly reevaluates its services to provide students the safest ride to and from school.

The district also noted that only buses transporting students with special needs have monitors on them.

Naomi Clarke, the parent of an 11-year-old boy, said she was proud of Franklin for sacrificing herself to advocate for children, WBZ-TV reported.  

A school representative noted that this isn’t the first time Franklin has protested the bus. In the past, a letter was sent to Franklin warning her not to trespass.

Sources: WHDH, WBZ-TV / Photo credit: WHDH

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