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Retailer In Hot Water Over 'Vintage Floral Bras' For Toddler Girls

A department store in the U.K. landed in hot water this week over a set of “vintage floral bras” aimed at young children.

British clothing company, John Lewis, offers sizes for two, three, four and 5-year-olds, according to the Daily Mirror.

"The bras feature a smart central bow," the sales page reads. "Made from 100% cotton, they provide lasting comfort and are easy to keep clean and tidy.”

Some parents have expressed their concern over the shocking product, taking to social media to criticize the retailer.

@johnlewisretail@letclothesbe A bra for a 2 year old?! Shocked & appalled at John Lewis' sexualisation of toddlers.

— Chris Sanderson (@Carlnita) December 9, 2014

Yup, it’s official. The world has gone mad. Bras for 2-5 year olds in @johnlewisretail

— Amie Lockwood (@AmieNLockwood) December 10, 2014

A few people also visited their website to write a quick review, with one saying, “These bras are not for age 2 - 5 year olds they are cup sizes 28AA, 28A, 30A and 32A and have been marked incorrectly on the site.”

Another reviewer wrote: “Bras for two-year olds? Why? What advantage does a bra have over a vest for a toddler?”

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"It's a genuine mistake on our part," says a John Lewis spokesperson.

The John Lewis customer service Twitter account tweeted the following in response to the onslaught of criticism it has received:

@letclothesbe An error in loading this item on our site meant it was labelled incorrectly by age and not by size. We’re changing this now.

— John Lewis (@JLcustserv) December 10, 2014

It’s possible that the bras are being sold for adults with a small frame. But as Mad World News notes, the creepiest part about this whole concept is that there are parents out there who might actually buy such products for their young daughters.

Sources: Daily MirrorMad World News / Photo Credit: John LewisDan Lockton/Flickr Creative Commons


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