What is this Beast? "Pre-Historic Looking" Creature Found in Scotland


A couple was strolling along a beach in Scotland when they stumbled upon the carcass of what looked like a creature that could have come from pre-historic days. Now animal experts are trying to figure out what it is.

The Daily Mail reports that Margaret and Nick Flippence found the 30-foot long remains while walking their dog on the beach at Bridges of Don in Aberdeen.

"We were stunned. I thought, 'oh my God what is it?' Nick Flippence told the Sun. "It's like nothing we have ever seen, it almost looks pre-historic."

While it certainly looks like something you'd see in "Jurassic Park," it turns out it is probably a whale.

"We have spoken to one of our mammals curators, and they have confirmed the animal is probably a long-finned pilot whale – Globicephala melas," a spokesman for the Natural History Museum in London said. "Apparently it’s not unusual for these to wash up on the shore."

Whale expert Mark Simmonds told the Sun, "It died a long time ago and tides caused the body to wash ashore."


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